Professional Computer Services for BusinessNetwork construction & deployment

Professional Computer Services for Business

Let us take care of your IT needs and be free to work on your business

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Network construction & deployment

Has your network ground to a halt? Is your WiFi signal so poor that you have given up on using it?

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iOS 11 – 64Bit apps only

iMac & iPad

Apple have with their latest release of iOS made the move to supporting only 64 Bit apps on their devices! So what I hear you say. Well here’s the bad news: If you have a favourite app that hasn’t been updated in the last two years or so then chances are that that app will…

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Secure Online Back Up


Recent high profile cases such as the Petya Cyber attack or the WannaCry Ransomware incident demonstrate the vulnerability of businesses and individuals alike to cyber attack. These infections typically operate by silently infiltrating computers after users download a popular tax accounting package for example or visit a local news site, according to national police and…

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Under the Bonnet…

Engine Bay

  When the timing belt snaps in your engine, causing bent valves, pistons or even cylinder damage, you may need a complete engine overhaul – this is an unexpected perk for your regular mechanic. Using cheap oil or worse yet skipping oil changes altogether can leave you the kind of person who is always unlucky…

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Back to School with CompuWhizz

Welcome back

Gone are the days when the 1st of September meant no more than a new packet of colours and your brother’s old school jumper with patches on the elbows. Back to school is an expensive outlay these days and decisions about digital purchases are having to be made by parents as their children move up through…

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