So you are heading off for the weekend.. (metaphorically speaking) a bank holiday weekend and your spirits are rising at not having to return to work for an extra day.

While the break from the daily grind is welcome there is something you have to consider if upon returning to work on Tuesday you don’t wish to have a nasty surprise.

What am I talking about? Cyber threats and the possibility of having all your data either stolen and resold or just as bad, encrypted and held for ransom, or both!

During Covid19 we have seen unrepresented growth in remote working and while that has been a good thing, allowing some businesses to continue to trade, it also leaves the door to the proverbial stable wide open if the implementation and protocols for remote working have not been developed securely.

It is vital to the continued operation of any business that they take measures to ensure data continuity and security of their commercial/private information as any breach can lead to embarrassment and possibly a fine from regulators but also threaten the very future of the business.

If you have any concerns about matters cyber then please get in contact with us here in CompuWhizz and we can put together an SOP for your scenario as each situation is unique!