Engine Bay


Sports Vintage CarWhen the timing belt snaps in your engine, causing bent valves, pistons or even cylinder damage, you may need a complete engine overhaul – this is an unexpected perk for your regular mechanic.

Using cheap oil or worse yet skipping oil changes altogether can leave you the kind of person who is always unlucky with these expensive garage incidents. Why do some people never seem to get hit with a decimated gear box or tyres worn dangerously low? Is it because they get their car serviced meticulously every six thousand kilometres?


Did you turn on your heating in the first cold snap last winter only for the boiler to give a few pathetic gasps and die? Did you call the plumber and have him laugh when you said it was urgent? After weeks of sitting around the house in warm jumpers, did he tell you that the whole boiler unit would have to be replaced; that you were lucky you didn’t get carbon monoxide poisoning. Sheepishly, you remember when the boiler was installed, being told to have a yearly service… but who thinks about their boiler? Could that be why you’ve been getting through the fuel so fast in the last few years?

Blood Pressure Test


In recent years, going to the doctor has been less about sporting injuries and more about check ups. Cholesterol, blood pressure, a yearly check up to keep an eye on general health. You’ve been learning that prevention is better than cure and this lesson applies to everything that is important. Cars, your health, your appliances – prevention is better than cure.



Servicing your computer is just as important. Just because you can’t see what is “under the bonnet” of your pc or laptop doesn’t mean that its performance isn’t effected by dirt and dust in the physical components.


Dirty Fans

Dust and dirt can impede performance and lead to blue screen crashes

Clean Fans

Clean heat sink fans provides more efficient and stable cooling to CPU









The fans of your computer are designed to cool the internal components but in taking in air to cool it, it also takes in dust and environmental residue. This builds up on the inside of your computer over the course of months and years. Besides affecting the performance and slowing down the working of your computer, it’s a fire hazard.


A good service is not just about the physical it includes updating your system and anti-virus software too, keeping it safe from on-line threats such as system exploits, malware and virus threats. It’s a good time to discuss your changing needs too – are there programmes or apps that you are no longer using which could be deleted? This would free up memory and allow your computer to run faster and more efficiently if those applications are pre-loading themselves into memory. Do you need to have more storage installed by getting another hard drive? Are you happy with your broadband provider or are you aware of the options in the locality? All of these issues can be discussed during a quick service. You may have been feeling pressurised into making a new and expensive purchase when instead a thorough overhaul of your current computer could make it a faster and more efficient model with many more years good service to offer you.


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